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  • thnaks man, i thought you might think i was copying, but the cause is important. also on that statie bike.... watch out man, we MA drivers are in it together.
    Yeah i work everynight as a security guard so i don't get out to parties as much as i would like... I am def def going to dance till dawn on the 4th or april and maybe randy's (mark5) monthly in may if i can get enough OT to pay my bills. And yes i do live in worcester right up off park ave sort of behind diamond chevorlet (up past the rotary)
    If we wanted people to be able to pick their own custom title, we'd enable the feature allowing you to do so. ;)

    It was decided by the community a while ago that the much more fun thing is if the mods/admins randomly handed out custom titles at their own discretion.
    Yeah, I was too busy packing for my China trip. When I come back the 12th, I'll keep you posted.
    Hey, I'm planning to finally drag my ass to Hebert's this Thurs. Gonna be there?
    Just wondering, I figured you were in Amherst but you're always popping over to Shrewsbury (my home turf ;)) for Thursdays at Hebert's Candy Mansion.
    Where in MA are you located, anyway?

    In case I want to show up to your front door in my van, because you deserve some FREE CANDY. :p
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