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  • Might have to catch you later. It's already tomorrow and there is sleeping to be done... :wink:

    EDIT: Mike needs an L and an R on his hands!* :lol: Very cool though.

    (* this coming from the person that had L and R on her shoes when she went for her driving test coz she was so nervous)
    Insanely jealous right about I am worried that something's gone wrong and you're living it up in a GT-R...!!!
    You :wub: bastard! So, does this mean you're out of rehab? Or was this just day release?

    I'm OK, getting better. Spending 4 days in bed was good, but unfortunately not THAT good.
    Hey, are you OK? Is the infection getting worse? I'm getting worried we haven't seen you around much :wub:
    Well, since I wagged work yesterday arvo, after the dentist, I have been extra special naughty...
    I am well. Tooth has mostly stopped hurting after the dentist fixed it yesterday. How are you Mr Overlord?
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