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    [01x06] December 26th, 2010

    For those who don't know, you can watch this for free on the History Channel's site.
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    Top Gear S13 cutting out at 15 minutes

    Had the same problem with the 13x03 release from River 15:51 into the file so it seems it's an encoding/editing issue.
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    Top Gear S13 cutting out at 15 minutes

    I had the same problem with 13x02 and one of the first Fifth Gear eps from this series using WMP in Windows 7 x64 and used DivFix++ to fix the file...
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    [07x01] November 13th, 2005

    I'm still looking. Found a few other TG related songs but not this one yet.
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    [07x01] November 13th, 2005

    20:12 - 21:08 (as the Aston's hood shuts to the intro of the M6) The good... I bought this song on iTunes :mrgreen: The bad... I didnt back up my iTunes purchased music when I reformatted :cry: No clue what song it is but I'm looking
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    God damn you BBC legal department!

    Completely agree!! I would have zero problems paying the BBC a monthly/yearly/per epp subscription fee even if it totaled $217USD yearly ($120GBP converted) for a show I would otherwise never get to see. Even if they released a season on DVD's via their store I'd gladdly pay the fee/shipping.
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    Mini Mac

    Mac Mini Lexus... :D
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    December 19th, 2004

    That was an awsome ep!!! That race in the Ferrari was better more humorous then the DB7/train race :D
  9. Likwid down?

    As of today because if direct and indirect actions from the MPAA, and have closed their doors. They might be back, they might not but it seems the MPAA is throwing money at governments outside the US where the servers are located so for the first time there is a...
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    2006 Z06

    Lazy, crude and fitted with leaf springs (even tho they arnt what you think) it may well be but it matched the GTC Ferrari's lap time around TG's track for 3/4 as much $$$.... and that was the base Vette... not the tweaked suspension version. I would still rather have an MR or STi but...
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    December 13th, 2004

    Look under Tools/Options/Files Theres a heading "Save to default data directory". See if its there... if its been changed. Anyone notice the "race car driver" poke at TG? :lol: Im waiting for next weeks show to see if we get a "we blow more stuff up" or "were on for an hour" from Jeremy.
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    December 12th, 2004

    I understand and I dont want people to think Im anti Ford... Im not. If GM were still making the F-bodies today I would have the same gripe. I do understand the "cheapness" translates in a better sticker but they've cut corners everywhere and they knew this car would sell on name alone. Adding...
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    December 12th, 2004

    The mustang would have pulled an alright time for what it is but remember its using a solid rear. Watch the other cars go around the track and you'll see them hitting bumps in corners... enough of them to throw the stang's tail out quite a few times. They understeer and over steer quite alot...
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    December 12th, 2004

    The MR was cool.... too bad Mitsu went back to that moronic 276hp limit for our MR... as well as droppong the IC sprayer and active YAW control :evil: To be honest, I wasnt shocked at any of the FQ cars and the HP they made. How long have Eclipse/Talon owners been getting 300-400 from the...
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    December 13th, 2004

    I like Tom, he has character. Ya hes chubby, and his hair looks like it was styled by a fork in an electric outlet and he doesnt spew specs from his lips like an ex race driver but its this individualism and goofy temperament that makes him not just another boring presenter. Hes the class...