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    Link to BBC for opinions on Top Gear

    Hi all, Found a handy link for anyone that would like to send the BBC their thoughts on Top Gear (or for any other shows). They go to a programme called Points of View. Hope this is of use!
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    May and Hammond have a competition building Lego cars while taking shots of not-vodka

    I find that alcohol can really spice shows up sometimes. Really enjoyed this episode.
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    Video: New TG Trailer

    Also think it looks promising, new guys doesn't seem bad!
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    The celebrity situation... it's getting worse

    Definitely agree. I love Ross Noble!
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    The Forum Rules

    Hey, I'm a new user so I can't PM you, and I'm not sure if what i want to post is advertising or not, so i'll ask you here. I found out that BBC has a show (called Points of View) where people can send their views on BBC shows, and I thought it'd be a nice thing to have in this forum, as we all...
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    Hi! My name's Lincoln but you can call me Link! I'm a recently obsessed Top Gear fan, but i like lots of shows altogether. I can't wait to discuss episodes further soon!