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    [04x08] July 18th, 2004

    Watching old episodes now. This is an epic episode!!! Great guest, so funny!
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    Why does TopGear ignore the Koenigsegg Agera?

    Still no Agera S on Top Gear!! Can anybody explain this yet? Hardly a mention of it. And yes those videos are epic
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    Skoda Superb "facelift"

    Is it just me, or it looks REALLY like a BMW??
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    What to buy? '99 Fiat Punto vs Mitsubishi Carisma

    I'm getting pretty keen on the Volvo S70 2.4 litre turbo!! Second hand from 1998, only 147 000km on the odo. Looks sweet What do you guys think? I'm going to see it on the weekend I think.
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    What to buy? '99 Fiat Punto vs Mitsubishi Carisma

    I should add that when I was in America I rented a Grand Mercury Marquis with like a 4.6L V8. I was really excited that this was the ticket to a fast and exciting ride, and it turned out to be really slow and annoying. I nicknamed it "the barge". So I don't want a similar experience with the...
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    What to buy? '99 Fiat Punto vs Mitsubishi Carisma

    Ok so my final list seems like this: '99 Punto '99 Carisma '01 Chev/Oldsmobile Alero '97 Chev Malibu '98 Volvo S70 Turbo 2.4 litre (2nd hand) '97 Audi A4 (5th hand) '97 Mazda Lantis (5th hand) '00 VW Polo (3rd hand) '98 Volvo S40 1.8 litre (1st hand!) 165000km '00 Renault Megane (one of the...
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    What to buy? '99 Fiat Punto vs Mitsubishi Carisma

    How do I know if it's a Mk1? And excuse my ignorance but what are rear radius arms?? :cry:
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    What to buy? '99 Fiat Punto vs Mitsubishi Carisma

    I should also add that a friend of mine bought a Renault Megane of similar vintage at a ridiculous price, maybe almost 50% of the price of the Mitsubishi. I should also point out that the Punto could be about 40% cheaper than the Mitsubishi... Edit: I could get a 2001 3.6L V6...
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    What to buy? '99 Fiat Punto vs Mitsubishi Carisma

    Hi guys So I'm on a tight budget, and can only afford one of these two cars ('99 Fiat Punto or '99 Mitsubishi Carisma), or maybe something similar (I live in Israel so not too much choice here and cars are really pricey). I will be probably mostly be doing drives of an hour or less, and not...
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    Guests you'd like to see in Series 18

    Has anybody mentioned The Queen yet?? I'm sure that'd be entertaining. Otherwise Harry or William would be good too, or Prince Charles. I'm sure they'd all make great guests! Otherwise, Ronnie o' Sullivan again, Sir David Attenborough, Paul McCartney, Dame Judie Dench, Michael Schumacher and...
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    TG SatNav Voices

    More likely, Navmans are rebranded Garmins :)
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    [17x05] July 24th, 2011

    Great episode! Have to remind you guys of this which I posted years ago: Unfortunately I think many of our efforts have 404'd, but I bet I have the originals lurking somewhere on my hard drive... OK I found my...
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    New PC Build: mATX?

    Wow this sounds like a nightmare!! I thought that the CMOS jumper had to be left open, and if you closed it then it would reset the CMOS?? Why would you have to put a "cap" on it? I've never seen this before!
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    Sandy Bridge (Builds, Discussion and Random Shit)

    Every computer I have bought until today has had the same "problems". I should add that I am currently running the following: Windows XP SP3 on an HP Pavilion with Intel Pentium M Centrino processor, 1.6GHz, ATI Radeon Mobility 9200, 160GB Samsung HM160HC (Fastest IDE hard drive for a laptop)...
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    Sandy Bridge (Builds, Discussion and Random Shit)

    More info on those tools please?