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    New science series for James

    I tried watching the first episode of Science Club last night & flicked it after 5 mins. Might try the music episode, but I won't be watching the whole series. I normally like science shows...
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    TV: Racing Legends

    The Stirling Moss one was excellent & the Jackie Stewart one was pretty good. The third one is supposed to be about Colin McRae, but I'm not sure how it will work (certainly won't be the same formula as the first 2).
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    James on Horsepower

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    James on Horsepower

    That was great. What's it from?
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    James May's Things You Need to Know

    This series is way better than the 1st. The brain ep was great.
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    James May's Man Lab

    I wish the Brian Cox Christmas lecture was by the actor Brian Cox in his Super Troopers character. It will be interesting none the less.
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    New Jeremy Clarkson DVD

    There's a 720p MKV on TheBox. High bitrate & DTS audio.
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    James May's Man Lab

    Thanks TechZ!!
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    Hammond: Naked Earth, coming 2011

    It's had a scene release (both AVI & MKV), so you should be able to find it. Richard.Hammonds.Journey.To.The.S01E01.Centre.Of.The.Planet.HDTV.XviD-FTP Richard.Hammonds.Journey.To.The.S01E01.Centre.Of.The.Planet.720p.HDTV.x264-FTP
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    Nine to air full BBC2 episodes of TopGear

    They've finally caught the Ch 9 moving schedule disease: For anyone outside of Australia, it's not a disease that a show recovers from... unless the show is...
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    Top Gear returns on Tuesday.

    Isn't that Julian Assange's lawyer?
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    Top Gear returns on Tuesday.

    Is there any studio work in the first 2 eps? I was listening to the talk about the UK weather the other day & wondered if they had actually managed to make the studio part of the episode, but it looks like it's all road trip.
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    What has happened to TGA

    This is channel 9 - it's what was predicted when they bought the franchise (mountains of ads, bait & switch programming, sneaking in repeats, etc.). Many of the non-Aussie members were bagging us for bagging channel 9 before things even started, but of course we were proved right.
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    James May's Man Lab

    Wait till you see ep 2 then.;)