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    Random Thoughts....

    What "iProduct" did you get man? $17.95, lol. Profit++!
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    Post Your Watches

    Seiko SNKK65 with NATO strap. Boctok something courtesy of BlaRo! Holiday gift! :D
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    Creating AVCHD with 25 FPS .ts

    Success! AVCHDCoder is a great tool. I loaded up the 1080i.ts file, left pretty much everything default except in the "Select Streams" tab I selected 1080p23.976 under Advanced and ConvertFPS(24000,1001) under Avisynth. Under the Output tab I unchecked "Force subtitles track #1" and selected "no...
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    Creating AVCHD with 25 FPS .ts

    I am trying a program called AVCHDCoder. I changed the output resolution to 1080p and I selected CovertFPS(24000,1001) in the drop down menu (not sure if that is correct). It's on the second pass right now. I set the size to 3,779 MB (close to the original .ts file size). Hopefully everything is...
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    Creating AVCHD with 25 FPS .ts

    I've been trying to find a good guide to convert the 1080i .ts Top Gear files to 23.976 frames/s while keeping the audio in sync so I can create an AVCHD with tsMuxerGUI. I then burn these AVCHDs to either a single layer or dual layer DVD depending on the size. If successful they can be played...
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    1080i rips

    I've uploaded 16x01 1080i .ts rip on this FTP: I'll try and upload them as I get them.
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    Copyright Letter

    I never received a letter, but after my sister decided to download The Hangover on a public torrent site after coming home from break one year we received one. My dad thought it was me, but quickly found out when my sister confessed. After that day I decided to stick with Usenet. I use...
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    720p TG 16x01 not streaming to PS3? All other HD files working....

    Yeah I had trouble streaming the file last night as well. I was left with a black screen. I ran it through mkv2vob and was able to stream the .avi output flawlessly.
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    The general Massachusetts meetup thread

    So I went to Five Guys last night and it was awesome!
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    Top Gear: The Great Adventures Vol.3 - Blu-Ray release up for preorder!

    Can anyone confirm this works in the US PS3?