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  • How did I not manage to reply to that?

    My sincere apologies because they are awesome. :lol:

    because I can :D
    Nexus ATM is a bit pricey. Things might change after christmas but if so i'd then have Rezound and Nexus to choose from. I like having my keyboard though and ICS isn't "wow" worthy as everyone makes it sound. Yes it's a big change but not revolutionary in the slightest for me. Maybe when I go to the verizon store and play with it, I'll be convinced haha.

    How are you liking yours? Worthy upgrade from the OG Droid?
    so far I haven't gotten any random reboots...its very weird. I'm stuck though...dunno if I should A: get a third Stratosphere, B: take Amazon up on "any phone replacement" where i'll pay the upgrade family plan price then have the stratosphere refunded, or C. Keep this phone.

    I've got two weeks left to decide, if the Droid 3 doesn't come down in price by then (it shot up to 99 bucks all the sudden, wtf amazon?) then idk. If i get extra money between now and then it could affect things too as I might get something with a huge screen like Rezound or w/e. Dunno yet.
    in a bit...gotta make me some chocolate mousse for the dinner party tonight :D

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm moose

    And wouldn't you know it, the supermarket was all out of squirrel. :tease:
    Heads Up, LP. Awesome show I am watching on the BBC right now called "India on Four Wheels". Only two 1 hour shows but I can see you really enjoying it. Maybe your family too.
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