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    Post a pic of yourself

    :) It's been good lately. Getting ever so close to feeling like myself again. Do it man, you won't regret it! NGL, Altoid has been a huge motivator as he's been doing his thing as well, and killing it. We're here if you ever need brotivation.
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Guy on Jeopardy got grilled for his choice of car, a panamera, by Trebek for being slow to 0-60 (5.6s). He retorts with "But I have a family". Me:
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    Post a pic of yourself

    Started grad school in 2012 at 185 lbs (84 kg) and was eating like crazy, not sleeping correctly, and put on a lot of weight. I left grad school in 2014 at 216 lbs (98 kg). After joining this job, I maxed out at 232 lbs (105.25 kg), and was between 225 to 232 (102-105 kg) from 2014 to 2019. I...
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    Word association game

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    Random Thoughts....

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    Random Thoughts....

    Post-processing some photos from Hawaii, would like opinions/feedback on the looks/PP for this shot:
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    Random Thoughts....

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    Word association game

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    Punny restaurant names

    So Redliner made some punny Indian restaurant names and I had the idea to make this thread to see what we could all come up with, given our creativeness. Come up with creative restaurant names based off the particular native country's dishes or the country itself. Redliner's names: Second to...
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    FG Fitness Challenge

    231.5 lbs (105 kg) -> 214.5 lbs (97.3 kg) 5 of those lbs (2.3 kg) were lost from going to South India for two weeks, eating the healthiest food, sweating, and shitting myself silly for the last two days of my trip cuz i ate something not healthy. Officially less weight than when I moved to...
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    Post your random dashcam videos thread

    Baltimore drivers...
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    The Weather Thread

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    I have never game

    False. I have never been to Thailand
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    I have never game

    True. I have never ridden a unicycle