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    Top Gear Series 19

    What are you on about? Prime has been showing all the latest seasons and they were only 3 or 4 weeks behind for the last season if I remember. Also our internet in NZ is perfectly fine I've got all the eps 720P
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    Oz & James Drink to New Zealand?

    Hey man, I grew up in Chch :thumbup:
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    Oz & James Drink to New Zealand?

    Hope this happens cause then I can take time off work and follow James around the country! Didn't go to Top Gear live this year cause I went last year so this could be a great chance to actually meet James.
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    Season 14 slid off track

    I just wish they would stop reviewing the same cars, they've done the Gallardo like 4 or 5 times now (different models I know but its boring none-the-less). The DBS about 3 times, XK(R) maybe 3 or 4 times. I've felt the last 3 seasons to be a real bummer tbh and everything just seems so forced...
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    James May: Oz And James's Big British Adventure

    The song is called "Groovin' with Mr Bloe". I know this because its from the Geese ad: Enjoy :)
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    What's up with the bet clothes?

    Yeah I don't know what's up with them using these things over and over. Like the Dacia. I mean its a great laugh when they first do it but after a while it really isn't funny at all and I'd rather they focused on something else.
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    You know what it is?

    I do exactly the same thing and my favourite eps are always the ones from season 8 and before. They just give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside that makes you want to watch them again :) And yes I agree that TG Australia isn't really TG, just a motoring show that uses TG's logos and studio.
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    New 'bloopers': TG Book Reading

    Top stuff, good old Top Gear.
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    Everything's On Fire

    LAWL it looks more like a joke to me :)
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    James May: James May's Big Ideas

    Another really great and educational video, I really enjoy how James explains things so well and so clearly without being overly boring. And there was quite a bit of content in that episode too a real broad view of robotics in general. Hope he does more series like this in the future.
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    James May: James May's Big Ideas

    Thanks Viper, really appreciate it :)
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    Jeremy Clarkson Meets the Neighbours

    You sir, are correct. Hope this get re-released on DVD or something, its actually quite funny.
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    Clarkson: Thriller

    The cover doesn't really suit the title very well, still looking forward to this though. Always like those Clarkson DVD's :D:clarkson:
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    GT-R Evolution and TG test track

    High 5, a bit unrealistic though. I think they need to make some adjustments cause these lap times are a bit too fast :P
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    GT-R Evolution and TG test track

    1:19.351 Standing start, using keyboard, with 2 laps of practise which got cut short cause both times I went off :D