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    2016 Formula 1 Season Thread

    He's the engine chief, so, probably not. I think they're working on poaching James Key from STR.
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    Lauda accuses Lewis of lying and confirms he wrecked his room in Merc hospitality

    Many different (mostly incorrectly translated) versions of Lauda's statements about in English media, so living and working in Austria myself, I watched the video on ServusTV and made a transcript...
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    Baku, anyone?

    So Hamilton was hopeless and that's why we nedd to change rules ?
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    Clarkson's Sunday Times Columns

    IN Russia they definitely see them :
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    [23x02] June 5th, 2016

    I remember reading that he was offered to return to the show but refused to.
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    [23x02] June 5th, 2016

    Nobody is rooting for it to fail, but the fact remains that they removed the defining element of what made Top Gear so unique. It used to be quintessentially British to the point of exaggeration, and now it features an American and a German with an atrocious accent. Also, it is just too obvious...
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    [23x02] June 5th, 2016

    How is a show supposed to work when the two main presenters quite obviously can't stand each other? If they were brilliant on their own it could perhaps work, but one of them shouts more and louder than a hooligan at Old Trafford and the other one couldn't be more wooden if his name was...
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    Random Thoughts...[F1 edition]

    Adelaide seemed to work just fine and this circuit is very similar in concept. Could you guys just give it at least the chance to run at least one race? What are you going to say if the race turns out to be an absolutely good one?
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    Random Thoughts...[F1 edition]

    It happens at all races. Certain camera angles are not used to hide that grandstands are empty and they drape a few buildings to make for better TV pictures. I don't really get all this hate against that race. For once we don't get a bland track in the middle of the desert and people are up in...
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    Clarkson's Sunday Times Columns

    Well, as always things are comically exaggerated, but in principle he's right. Nobody wants to see 'American TV' where even married couples sleep in beds with L-shaped sheets, so that she can be covered up to the neck. But European TV gets oversexed to be honest. There is no need to see bare...
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    Random Thoughts...[F1 edition]

    happened before, happens again...
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    Random Thoughts...[F1 edition]

    Never. We all know that it happens anyway. The whole point of <insert word>-gate is that something comes out that people didn't know yet. We all know that FIA and FOM are corrupt.
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    The Grand Tour

    Most people are trying to forget that particular episode... :lol:
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    [23x01] May 29th, 2016 -- First Episode With New Cast

    So basically they are saying themselves that the second episode will be as shite as the first one...
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    Chris Evans - Hold or Fold?

    LOL :D Agree