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  • no actually, but give me it's name and I shall add it to my list, my unbelievably long list.
    Was just reading an old Wacky race thread and came across this, written by yourself.

    "role-playing without the sex, dice, or fake swords."

    I think we have a slogan for the 2010/2011 race. :D
    Yo dawg I herd you like pointing out pointlessness...etc etc?


    I wanted to put in another comment but couldn't think of anything so I went with the stupid route.
    I was not banned or muted(i think...not sure)
    I was busy for a while with some I didn't have a chance to check the forums,
    Only afterwards when I was checking My youtube account did I see darksharks message.
    Then I returned to finalgear and found out that i have recieved a infraction , but nothing else..
    still I'm quite touched that you guys were concerned but really its no big deal
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