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    smaller wheels better ride? corolla 2015

    I'm quite sure it will fit as they offer a 15" in other countries. I checked the website. I really want to fit 205/65 in a 15" wheel. but its 2.5% larger. is it true that it might create problems with the transmission or computer. does it mean the speed indicated would be off by 2.5%?
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    Ownership Verified: My slow project: 1975 W115 220 D

    How do these things drive? Like a truck? I always love the look of the w115, hopefully i can own one soon. :) nice car btw
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    smaller wheels better ride? corolla 2015

    Hi folks, I have a 2015 red corolla with 16" x 6.5" rims 205/55r16 would changing to a 15"wheel provide a better ride? What rubber would be ideal? 195/65 or 205/65 or 215/60. Its my first time to change a tire size of a car, would the width also affect ride quality? Also do you guys think...
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    how much has car comfort improved over the years?

    I'm looking more towards the cars ability to provide a good ride over nasty roads/ soft ride, yes. :) Secondary for me would be the new technologies like blue tooth, display screens. maybe I should skip small cars?
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    how much has car comfort improved over the years?

    I'm looking to get a new car, looking at particularly at the Mazda 3, Honda fit, Toyota Corolla or Isuzu Mu-x I currently drive a 1999 honda accord. I find the ride to be better than most small cars of the early 2000s. how much has car comfort improved over the years? any experiences?
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    First World Problems thread

    First world problem
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    What's your latest [non-technology] purchase?

    That's awesome, Post pics of what toys you got! :D
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    Is this PC build okay ?

    Keeping it at a budget is this build okay for games? and maybe a little editing video etc? (light gaming/editing mostly browsing but opening lots of windows/programs at the same time. PCU: I3 3210 (3220 not in stock with my local computer parts shop) MOBO: Asus P8h61 m LX USB 3.0 Video card...
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    What's the recipe? :D
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    The WTF Japan thread

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    Post Your Watches

    Congrats, That is an awesome watch you got. Really nice. good value for money.
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    Post Your Watches

    I think they are good but expensive, you have a lot more options for that kind of money.
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    Post Your Watches

    How about this Citizen Men's AT0200-05E $135 at amazon Eco-drive 41 mm diameter. Long before you need to replace a battery.
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    Cool Videos

    Rssian guard knows his limits. :lol:
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    Post Your Watches

    or you could get a Ticino Pilot watch (44 or 47mm) for around $130-$140, The seiko IMO is more bang for buck but if its the looks you're after ticino might be a good choice. 316L stainless steel case All brushed satin finish case Diameter: 44mm, 48mm including crown, and 13.8mm...