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    [20x04] November 4th, 2011

    Would like to know the drum and bass song playing the background of the 458 spider test around the 3 min mark.
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    Jay's Article is Bunk

    Another thing I think we should point out in Jay's article he says "you know you can't do that stuff in a week." Well, the thing is THEY'RE NOT GONNA DO IT IN A WEEK! They will do what the British version of Top Gear does and film this during the off-season giving them plenty of time for stuff...
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    Top Garden Ground Gear Force [March 14th, 2008]

    So who was the woman in red hosting the sport relief show?
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    [13x08] March 10th, 2008

    They have four of them per year, I had to look it up because I knew they had Watkins Glen and Infineon but there's two others in Mexico City and Montreal. Btu yeah its rare, cool thing about those races, no restrictor plates.
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    Why TG never review BMW 7ers

    I think the point here is that it is a major contender in the luxury market and since they also tested the big A8 audi which is just as boring as the 7er they should review it. They had to test the nissan cube which I can't imagine was fun.
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    [12x01] September 3rd, 2007

    18:43-19:08 I'm looking for as well. I remember hearing the song in the replay on the DiRT demo for ps3 so hopefully it can be tracked down.
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    BBC America to air TopGear

    I can also confirm, I have BBC America here on Cox Cable in New Orleans, La. and we will be having full episodes, nothing cut! (unfortunately I will be in Jackson, MS. when they finally air so..oh well :( )
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    [11x07] June 11th, 2007

    I was expecting Johnny to do something more embarrassing than just sing happy birthday, the way the described his meeting as "epic" (in terms of how embarrassing). The Ford GT and Formula Ford race was the only reason to really watch this episode for me. God, I can't wait till Top Gear starts again.
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    [09x03] February 11th, 2007

    well the bonding part might be correct but it was filmed before Richard's crash in the summer of '06.
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    [09x03] February 11th, 2007

    Ok, I realize I'm getting into this one late and that some Americans have responded but I feel like getting my two cents in since I am a New Orleans native and have been born and raised in the south. I actually did enjoy the episode to a certain extent but I felt like they went in there with a...
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    Top Gear Season preview s s s s s SPOILERTIME! :D

    Ok, I am from New Orleans, I'm in Jackson, MS. during the fall and spring semesters but all this summer I worked in valet parking at 3 different hotels back home in New Orleans, how did I miss this. There was a British film crew at the main property I worked at but I think they were doing...
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    So is "Top Gear" ever going back on air in the states

    I don't care if it's mostly about muscle cars, but I would like better presenters. I want a cast who is going to be critical of the car of its short falls and most of all I want someone to know what they are talking about. C'mon, one of the guys is a former reality show winner! God, the stupid...
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    Top Gear at Barber Motorsports Park?

    A friend of mine who lives outside Birmingham, AL told me that some props guys claiming to be doing what my friend refered to as "this British automotive show called Top something." When I mentioned Top Gear he said yeah thats the one and that they were filming something this summer at Barber...
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    [06x09] July 24th, 2005

    The M5 may have been "beaten" by the FQ 520 xc90580q3oruskgnkg but look at the cars it did beat...Lotus Exige and a Ferrari 575 w/ the handling package (GTC). You have to remember the M5 is a luxury car as you can put up those numbers while sipping a cafe au lait and have a couple of...
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    Whats your Pick for "BEST DRIVING SONG"?

    No one picked Radar Love?! I agree with most of these songs, I love the 4 strings, oakenfold, atb, and other techno greats as well as some modern rock/pop stuff such as kasbian, I like the songs from the Driven soundtrack as well......but it just seems to me whenever I hear Radar Love there is...