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    Rank the teams

    1. BMW Sauber 2. Renault 3. Red Bull 4. Ferrari 5. McLaren 6. Williams 7. Toyota 8. Force India 9. Torro Rosso 10. Honda
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    First car you ever drove

    I had my first drive in driving school. The car was 2007 Fiat Grande Punto. Slow but nice to drive.
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    New Outtakes and News Un-cut

    ^ Yeah, cool wall outtakes were great. They should have put it in the show and make the cool wall segment longer.
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    [11x03] July 6th, 2008

    8/10 Good episode, but I'm not entirely satisfied. Alfa Challenge was quite good, but a little bit too long. I don't like seeing the same jokes over and over again. Cheese under the bonnet and Jeremy's rollover were unnecessary. Jezza, you're 47 and you put cheese on the engine? I used to love...
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    Formula 1 Dream Team Competition on Sportal

    I have Massa, Kubica and Webber in my team. No wonder I had only 371 points - the worst result. :(
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    No 56k: Finally!, My day at Top Gear!!!!!!! 11x03

    Thanks for the report. It's great!
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    Nudity: should it be allowed here?

    The best solution is to have a special section of the forums. Having it among other threads would kill the discussion :). It should be accessible only for 18+ users. AFAIK there are some 14 years old members, we have to protect them! And obviously porn should be not allowed. Viper - don't...
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    2008 British Formula 1 Grand Prix

    1) Who will take Pole and who will win the Race? Massa/Massa 2) Will we get rain during the race? No 3) Will someone get penalised and what for? Speeding in the pitlane is very likely to happen 4) Who will be the top 8 finishers in the race? Massa, Raikkonen, Hamilton, Kubica, Kovalainen...
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    Formula 1 Dream Team Competition on Sportal

    12 points ahead! :) I did 2 trades to keep the lead for longer time than previously.
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    19 years without love

    What a thread! I'm almost 19 and I've never had a girlfriend, I don't have any problems with this situation. I'm not very happy about my life, but it's ok. Probably, I'm not that frustrated, because I have some proofs that I can attract a women very easily (Swedish way, at the parties. Does it...
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    Things you hate that others love

    Here too, but it's very vulgar.
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    The "New Toys" Thread

    I received my new toy yesterday. It's Toshiba Satellite X200. Phone camera.
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    Euro 2008

    Holland plays like a dream team at the moment. I love how easily they score goals. Congratulations to Romanian friends!
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    Can you spot the Shemale?

    13/16 I recongnized all shemale correctly. The thing is I thought some ladies were shemale too.