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  • Your little roadtrip to the mountains is sweet and the music is awesome! I couldnt give you any rep so you get this greeting instead!
    And no I still haven't seen Psycho ;)
    Yes, it was from 1990 and with the 165hp engine. I really loved that car, but this happend a week before Christmas. Oh well, maybe someday I will own a 200 20v, but they are getting expensive. Your car also had rear and front locking diffs, mine had only rear locking diff.
    Ich wei? nicht, wie das funktionieren soll. Gib doch einfach als Suchbegriff "My personal car reviews" ein und dann nur nach Thread-Titeln suchen und dann hast du alle beisamen ;)
    K?nnte man nicht irgendwie im Profil hier irgendwie mal die Links zu all deinen Reviews sammeln, damit man die irgendwo quasi zusammen hat?

    Request added. If you do get stuck with your elephant in a garage park, make sure to video it! ;)
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