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    New chopped top Boxster Spyder

    I like what they have done to the side vents, its something I think the Boxster and Cayman should have had to begin with and not those fussy slats covering them. I gave porsche the benefit of the doubt about them thinking they know a hell of a lot about aerodynamics than me, but to see this now...
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    Saudis want aid if world cuts oil dependence

    Yeah, a new plant that isn't completed and the final budget is uncertain. "Should"? What does that mean? Is that another assumption? About your new plant still under construction; Its not my fault you want to keep the math simple and not check where the numbers you are using come from. Its...
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    Saudis want aid if world cuts oil dependence Look at the notes right below the chart. Their figures for nuclear power are from the European Pressurized Reactor, which is still under construction, 3 1/2 years behind schedule and 50% over budget and rising. That is why 2800?/kWe is over 60% lower than the all-in price estimates I...
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    Saudis want aid if world cuts oil dependence

    Still not competitive with other power plants over the same time frame in developed countries and not even close in developing parts of the world, your point? Edit: And that is only all-in construction cost, add in operations and maintenance cost, since we are rounding it is closer to...
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    Saudis want aid if world cuts oil dependence

    There is no real world example of a 3GWe plant being built for $15 billion, that is why I wrote "at least." Again from the 6 year old MIT report, their unrealistic base assumptions is 25% more than your number, and consider they are using $2000/KWe and not the current estimates of $6000/KWe, one...
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    Saudis want aid if world cuts oil dependence made it up, with out knowing the context of where those numbers I wrote came from. Plus where is there a reactor project that produces 3GWe for $15billion? Every plant that is coming online that I have read of is a two reactor project that adds 2.2Gwe. Even France's new reactors...
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    Saudis want aid if world cuts oil dependence

    Where did $0.015/kwh come from? Here is an interesting report by a MIT faculty group to study the future of nuclear power done in 2003. Granted it 6 years old and every nuclear plant now being built has billions in cost overruns. Here are the chapters I am...
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    Saudis want aid if world cuts oil dependence

    Maybe in Europe, but from the very Wiki list you linked, the one at the top Solar Energy Generating Systems in California with by far the most output was competed during the 1980s. Edit: But they don't come at a cost of $13-$18 BILLION each for new nuclear power plants with a cost to consumers...
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    Saudis want aid if world cuts oil dependence

    Apparently it's currently in a multi-stage development, with a second tower being built along with other solar power technologies. It said the whole plant when completed will have 300MW output. But it still will need a lot of acreage... Source
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    Saudis want aid if world cuts oil dependence
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    Ferrari 458 Italia revealed (F-430 replacement)

    That's exactly what NecroJoe is talking about. I believe they're intakes for the brake ducts (as such they do not need to be large since every Ferrari comes standard with carbon brakes) as the nose intakes are for the coolant radiators. Besides its a modern Ferrari... I'm pretty sure they have...
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    Mansory Cyrus - Carbon fibre DBR9

    I'm taking bets on who takes delivery first, oil Sheikh or Russian oligarch?
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    US Tire Prices To Rise

    Except Chicken Little, that's exactly what the Little Shrub did back in 2002 when he imposed tariffs on steel imports to try to cultivate union support for the '04 election. Bush's tariff was much farther reaching since steel is a raw material and not a finished product. They helped steel...
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    Marussia B2 - From Russia with love

    More pics of the B1, which will have a hybrid V6 powertrain. It seems that Marussia was co-founded by Nikolai Fomenko one of the Top Gear Russia host(I have never seen the show). But regardless I think think this thing looks great. To me it's something that a true NSX replacement should have...