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    [12x04] November 23rd, 2008

    Does it matter what they show as long as they (hopefully) are legit? We have had top gear australia for the last few weeks which, was ok but not brilliant... and everyone was banging on how the original was better... then the original comes back and we still get people complaining about...
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    [01x07] November 10th, 2008

    i liked it? One of their better episodes i thought...
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    [01x01] September 29th, 2008

    I watched it twice... TWICE! haha! IF TOP gear uk was not around and all i ever saw on tv was drive time tv and Fifth gear i would watch this hands down and praise it for its brilliance... YES i know top gear uk exists :) but i feel so many people are selling this so short... give it time...
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    [11x06] July 27th, 2008

    I loved this episode... as MOST PEOPLE have shown by the stats!!! so Keep it coming! i cant wait till the next season of top gear... I love it! do more of the same.. or different who cares! as long as you three are together... I love it!!! ANd to the negative people.. pfft stop being a pile of...
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    [11x05] July 20th, 2008

    good ep... but sadly.... one left.. which meens.... nothing to watch anymore... seroiusly id love them to fit more car reviews in.. strech it and make 56 episodes a year and always make us laugh ;) hehe But i guess ill just be happy with what we get given!
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    [11x04] July 13th, 2008

    just doesnt feel long enough... Come on Top gear release longer episodes especially when epic races are on! i meen come on damn it there must have been heaps cut out... some raw stuff that.. anything :( i want 2 hour episodes haha! and.. im not liking top gear anymore.. My oldish mother came...
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    [11x03] July 6th, 2008

    i think the show is too short :D I want more TOPGEAR!! damn it if scripted wrestling can go for 2 hours why cant top gear!
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    [09x03] February 11th, 2007

    A great episode... I just cant wait for next week... damn it we are half way through the season.. :(
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    Hammond In Car Crash - (Now Moved from Leeds 28/09)

    Hopefully he makes a full recovery...... I just know jeremy is going to take the piss out of him.... and as someone said... all to entertain us...... We should send him some teeth whitner, or has that been used to death already...
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    [08x03] May 21th, 2006

    i agree, my mate and i laughed our asses off at this episode... cant you guys realise that this show has evolved into a show thats not just about reiviewing cars... but a piss take on real life things... that invole cars and the like... I like it... and i swear the day TG gets axed, will be a...
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    [07x06] December 27th, 2005

    Perfectly said.. Somewhere here someone said PUT A skyline VS that old car... Another person missing the point.... ok episode.. It was topgear! still the best out there... But a bit too short and crammed for my liking... What happened with the freazing? How come every season Bits get...
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    [07x03] November 27th, 2005

    hmmm i swear it sounds like jeremy is shouting out.. ROONEY in the ST... Otherwise another quality episode... I still cant believe people complain about top gear.... Show me a better Car show...... Oh and the teath whitning thing... How the hell could that ever get old and annoying!! Damn...
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    [07x01] November 13th, 2005

    No offence to the people that thought this episode was just alright..... ARE YOU ALL OUT OF YOUR MIND! I like the new fifth gear... But TOp gear is in a class of its own... I Love it, Miss it and wish that there was an episode every week vs only 5 more episodes.. but goddamn it... This is by...
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    [08x05] November 7th, 2005

    ho hum top gear next week :D EVEN when TOP gear FAILS something, they always go back and do something stupid :D Actualy if Fifth gear stopped giving Expensive cars away, they could afford more quality shows :D HINT HINT HINT!! WHo here has benifited from a car they gave away?