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    Energy production, storage, and future technologies

    I must say that "electrofuels" does remind me a bit too much of "digital film", which was proposed as a way to turn 36x24mm SLR cameras digital back in the early days of digital photography. While the idea and principle was noble, giving lots of old camera gear a new lease of life, it didn't...
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    iPhone / iOS Thread

    I also found out that if you use the Apple Watch to force lock the iPhone again after unlocking it with the watch, you have to reboot the phone and the watch in order for unlock with Apple Watch to work again. Dont know if it's a bug or a safety measure.
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    iPhone / iOS Thread

    I also updated both my iPhone 12 mini, Apple Watch 4 and my M1 MacBook Air to the latest software today. Unlock with Apple Watch is very practical to have, especially as we have to wear face masks in stores and on busses etc. Wonder why it took so long to implement, should have rolled out a year...
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    Energy production, storage, and future technologies

    I know these videos are made very sharp to exaggerate the point, but they are making some very good points here:
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    GT-cars of Porsche's 992 generation are coming

    Well, I think much more extreme aero, like the test mules of the 992 RS are hinting at. They may also not make a 992 GT3 RS at all, and just go GT2 in stead, who knows. Since they made the "regular" GT3 closer to the RS to differentiate it more from the upcoming GT3 Touring. Also, two more reviews:
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    The Apple Silicon discussion and experience thread

    Missed opportunity there. I don't like the white bezels, never looked good on the iPhone or the iPads, doesn't look good here either. Next, why didn't they take the opportunity to remove that chin as well, or do they feel it's an iMac "thing"? Also, BOOO at the lack of a space gray color option...
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    Covid 19 CRISIS

    Yes, I read that they recently secured more doses of other vaccines, but I still hope that they at very least they give us the option of voluntarily taking either AZ or J&J. I'd happily sign up for that.
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    Covid 19 CRISIS

    It's going to get slow here, as it's starting to get more and more likely that our government will chicken out on both the AZ and the J&J vaccine over the super rare side effects. :rolleyes: Translation: The summer just got ruined for everyone who hoped it would be better this year... :censored:
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    I fixed it! - show your MacGyver skills

    This one is not mine, but during a visit to my parent's place this weekend I found something I think is worthy of unearthing this thread from it's not so shallow grave. Imagine that you have a stereo in your workshop and that you're using an old iPod as a the music source. That thing will...
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    The "New Toys" Thread

    I wanted to replace my backup external hard drive with something more reliable. It's a Seagate 2Tb spinning disk hard drive, that is reasonably fast (blue USB ports) As for it's replacement I decided to go the "DIY-ish" way and buy a an SSD housing and just stick and M.2 NVMe SSD in there. I...
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    Voltswagen (sic)

    To me it sounds like an obvious April fools joke that leaked out early. The reason why some media outlets and commentators are salty about it (example) is likely that they took the bait, got fooled, and are too embarrassed to admit it.
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    Intel Core 11th gen

    I have only had one battery replacement across a few iPhones I have owned since 2010. That battery replacement was April last year when the phone (iPhone 7) was about 3,5 years old, cost me $40, and took about 15 minutes, both the battery itself and the job to have it done. It was not strictly...
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    Intel Core 11th gen

    This is not really true. What Apple wants is complete control of the user experience. When they control both the hardware and the software side, they can design both to fit each other. Also, in my experience Apple's devices generally last longer than others I have had, my old MacBook Air was...
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    Covid 19 CRISIS

    How are they doing in the "100 % open" states of Texas and Florida? I know the latter has had a problem with the spring breakers, but apart from that?