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    [03x13] April 5, 2019 - GT Special: Survival of the Fattest

    Just getting around to watching this now. I'm a little behind, but came to say I thought the episode was terrific.
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    Cancer Sucks

    Very sad. Thank you Alex for everything you've given us.
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    [03x01] - January 18, 2019 - Motown Funk

    One of the best GT episodes yet. Happy to see no celebrity segment.
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    [2x11] - February 16, 2018 - Feed the World

    Finally getting around to watching this one, which says a lot about my enthusiasm for this show overall. The episode was shit.
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    Post Your Watches

    Not much does besides Patek and the crown.
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    [02x01] December 8, 2017

    No more 1080p for me. Jeremy is best viewed in lower resolutions. Don't smoke cigarettes, kids. I skipped the celebrities playing in rocks. Enjoyed everything else. Love these dudes. 8/10.
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    Season 2 Trailer - Starts Dec 8th

    Looking forward to it.
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    [01x13] February 3, 2017

    I love this show. Can't wait for S2!
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    [01x10] January 13, 2016

    Love the look of that Alfa sedan. Coral film was nice too. Thank you GT.
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    [01x08] December 31st, 2016 [Namibia Special, Part 2]

    I loved it. The cable car thing was dumb and not a fitting ending, but this was almost as good as Vietnam.
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    The "Who have CHM Offended This Week" Thread

    Aww, you're ok with me. You'll get your juice box and some orange slices. Calm down.
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    The "Who have CHM Offended This Week" Thread

    Trigger warning!
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    The "Who have CHM Offended This Week" Thread

    Recreational outrage is the left's chief trait.
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    [01x06] December 23, 2016

    The condoms were crass, but everything else was great. 8/10.
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    [01x05] December 16th, 2016

    If we were only so lucky as to have as many episodes this season as embarrassing bracelets on Jeremy's wrists. 7/10