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    Ferrari guy for hire

    Also.... "3.8 litre engine 495 HP 400 LB torque 220 MPH" From wikipedia: Engine All models featured the same layout: * No. of cylinders: 90? V8 F131 * Bore & stroke: 85 by 79 mm (3.34 by 3.11 in) * Total displacement: 3586 cm? (218.8 in?) * Redline: 8500 rpm For Modena and...
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    Travelling the US and Canada

    If you do actually make it all the way to St. John's, NL, make sure you spend a night on George Street. Newfoundland is also pretty scenic, but the highway sucks. Don't travel at night...there's lots of fog and moose to hit.
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    Random Thoughts....

    That's an understatement. I've actually been here a few days (only now getting internet access on their system), but it really hit me when I started to see the amounts of money thrown around like it was nothing. 6 and 7 figures for minor projects that may not even lead anywhere.
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    Random Thoughts....

    I just got a Mechanical Engineering workterm with Petro-Canada! Fuck yeah, I love oil!! Everyone go drive around and burn as much oil as possible. Fuck the environment. I love you dirty dirty oil money!
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    Random Thoughts....

    Here's some Camel toe.
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    Anybody have Joost Invite?

    Ditto for me. Thanks in advance! markb at engr dot mun dot ca
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    Clarkson shows off his pot gear

    I need to restate this!! Come on guys, have none of you seen a heavy drinker?? It's common for men of his age who don't exercise and who drink a lot of beer to get a "beer belly". He's far from fat. He's the stereotypical middle aged man, Evey single one of my grade school teachers were shaped...
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    What Pet(s) Do You Have

    My cat Buddy:
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    Frank Miller's "300"

    I have the graphic novel. The movie is pretty much exactly the same as the source material. Most of the badass lines come directly from the book. Edit: Seen it twice, thought it was fuckin' awesome!
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    I think these flame threads are getting out of control. I vote to get rid of them. What do the Mods think?
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    Pic of the day

    Hey Haz, I feel the need to tell you that there is only one "n" in ponies if you are, infact, referring to the horse like creature. :P
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    Random Thoughts....

    Well I'm gonna point out the obvious...THERE'S A CAR HANGING FROM THE TELEPHONE WIRES!:P
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    Proper Engineers - under appreciated.

    I'm 5th year Mechanical Engineering student (Co-op program that's 6 years long!) and I've been on 3 work terms/co-op placements. I find that everyone who works for or under an engineer, and even the general public, hate us. They see us as know-it-alls who get paid for doing nothing. That really...
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    Brits post your snow days 'ere

    Do I win?:D This is what 40cm's of snow and 100km/h winds do:? (all the tracks you see are snowmobile tracks)
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    Whats your IQ

    285...that's right, I'm a fucking genius!!'s a handy graph to show that asking about IQ on an internet forum is just plain dumb.