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  • Or anyway... there's a big break before that retake, so it could be on the weekend of Feb 13-14. I'll ask Jay whether he still wants someone else to run the show and then we'll see.
    Oh come on, everybody's pointing at me for this! :lol: He did get unbanned, but he hasn't logged on since getting banned, so he might have abandoned the forum. We might want to give him an alert via e-mail, since he can be contacted like that... but I'm not really into bugging people like that.

    About the Wacky Race... I'm in the middle of an exam session now. and it's harder than I thought. I'll probably start a sign-up thread when I'm done (want to retake an exam and that would be Feb 18th), so maybe it could be on for the start of March.
    Hey mate... Up for an alliance in the Wacky Race against the scheming VonSmythe/DSRacing+Kuiper battle?
    I wanted people to ask that exact question. :D

    In 1981 an Album called 'Hedgehog Sandwich' was released by BBC records, featuring comedy sketches from the Not the Nine O'Clock News television series.
    Matt, I Had a small problem with images on wiki , and i named the ones from 11X04 wrong :X.

    Can you delete the images?
    Change the text color to something darker my friend, it'll suit the background better :)
    I see you're running Matt2000 Service Pack 5

    You need to update to the latest Matt2008 XP3000 TurboXL Service pack 7FQ25.8pi
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