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    MX5/Miata Thread

    Is it just me or is it impulse-buy season? I dropped a ton of money on a crazy light steel flywheel.
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    Plan Viper Part 2: Wait longer or pull the trigger?

    is an old RT/10 a possibility? Its still crazy fast and looks amazing.
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    The highway fuel consumption of your daily driver

    Whenever i've measured i dont think i've managed to crack 20MPG with my 96 miata 1.8L manual. Whats wrooooong with me!?
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    [Concept] Dodge Hornet

    Did Chrysler end up buying hudson in the end?
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    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    Hi, i'm late.
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    Metallic asian pink is the only pink.
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    MX5/Miata Thread

    Rocking genuine japanese 'Vary here in south florida. :) (i am way way too big to fit in a miata, but i love it.)
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    Electronic car key fobs fail on entire street

    Open the damn door yourself than! Power accesseries are the DEVIL!
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    MX5/Miata Thread

    Nope, 99-00 cars have dark blue gauges. 01-05 went back to black.
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    MX5/Miata Thread

    Im SOO doing a rotated tach with a vertical shift point, like a 60's porsche racer.
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    InsideLine: Top Gear USA Second Season Gets More Episodes

    Rutlege Wood is better at being a top gear presenter than jeremy clarkson and richard hammond put together.
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    Massive crash at Nordschleife during Touristenfahrten & thoughts about it

    Dont know why they blame the top gear jaguar segment, they used no less than 3 scenes in that ~15 minute film to demonstrate people injured at the track. My opinion? People can die or be hurt in motorsports and that is ok.
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    Dead marques should stay dead...

    Confession: From a styling perspective, i like both the Pontiac Aztek and the Suburu B9 Tribeca. Its better to make an ugly car than a conventional one, at least they tried to do something differant. It didnt stick so they stopped making it, but they get points for originality. (and the B9...