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  • Really liked your latest review on the BMW, seems like a totally awesome bike, looking forward to your next review.
    Hey Matt, we were both in the audience for Top Gear USA (season 1) while they were filming the segments for what would be the first aired episode (viper vs cobra) and the moonshine run. While they were adjusting the set, you and I struck up a short conversation on the disappointing Honda CR-Z. Now I see you on the Car Show with Adam Carolla and that you take the time to read and respond here to feedback. I think that's very cool. As for the Car Show, I won't tell you what I don't like or do like about it, because the truth is, as long as its about cars, I'll keep watching it. Remember that when the trolls come out. They ate the entire dinner and then complained the food was bad and ordered seconds? You create what YOU would want to watch, understanding the producers are responsible for how it gets edited and what actually airs. Just do your part - its all you can do. We'll keep watching - and so will the complainers. Congrats on being selected as a co-host for the show!
    just thought I'd say, I love the work you do with TST especially considering the time and budget constraints, very refreshing work!
    Hey Matt...watched the show and it was a good first impression.

    Just wanted to give you and your crew a heads up about a local race track that I am very passionate about: Hallett Motor Racing Circuit. It has been a part of my life for the past 10 years and it's a great place to take your car and really give it a go. There is an event coming in June called the Mid-America Ford and Shelby Meet, and this is it's 35th year. I'm not affiliated with either the track or the event commitee, but I figured a good way to entice a film crew would be to give them some beautiful scenery to shoot.

    Here are links to both the track and the event:

    Thanks for you time Matt. Keep doing what you love!

    Hi Matt! Nice to see you on here! I gave you a couple accolades on the TG:USA forum a few months back. It was when your Terlingua episodes hit the web. Always been a huge fan of the show. Great to see you wrap up one hell of a long season. I look forward to watching your show twice a week. Will you still keep the same format for next season?

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