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  • Clearly, you are nuts haha Of all the races to be delayed and red flagged!! I might wish I had just downloaded this one at a later date! Much longer and I'll be thinking about breakfast! I can't believe you have to work later, I'll be spending the rest of the day asleep I think. Maybe I'm just old :p
    What the hell? I thought I was the only one stupid enough to be up at this hour watching a red-flagged race! I admire the dedication, +rep for you ;)
    Again, thankyou!! I guess that will allow me to do some (much needed) last-minute cramming as well!! You've been a great help haha you may go now :p
    He is doing a good job, hopefully see the car go for a run when I go back to Tassie for a visit in a few weeks.

    The reason I asked was, I have to do an exam there on Tuesday morning and I wanted to know what my chances were of getting a park haha!
    Public transport is probably the safer (and possibly even faster option really) but haven't had to get to the city at that time really before so it's a bit of a step into the unknown!!
    That would be good (Christ, I don't know why I am doing all this hard work for him ;) ), I'll pass it on. I think you on behalf of him for your help it's most generous! Another random question that just popped into my head. Did you attend University of Melbourne, i.e the one in the city (Carlton)?
    Thanks for that, I passed the info on! Hopefully it will be of some use. To be honest I really know nothing about it apart from it looks like a shrunken Formula Ford. Apparently they are quite quick though so I wouldn't mind a spin in one! Team management eh? A future Ross Brawn perhaps?
    Heellloooo, thanks for accepting! I noticed you do some work on Formula SAE. A friend if mine back in Hobart is trying to get the SAE project off the ground for the University of Tasmania. Do you drive as well (fun bit) or just do the engineering work?
    That's certainly one adjective you could use! I'm currently working on a thermodynamics and dynamics assignment of a steam engine, and my jolly is this stuff difficult.... I don't know how you find the time to study, do fsae and have fun... so I can only conclude you must be wonder woman! :p
    Sorry to hear about your weekend. Sounds like a real rough one. Time will heal those wounds though, so chin up mate - things will get better :).
    Hahaha, the vodka's sweet revenge strikes! Thanks for the offer again, I'll defiantly consider it if I find myself going to Melbourne :). Enjoy malaysia with your friend! :D
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