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  • Daw, sorry to hear that :(. I'm good, got a couple distinctions and High distinctions this semester so that was good (though comp science is so easy). Have a sport doing engineering next year at my current uni , hopefully will get an offer for another uni. Maybe I'll be get into FSAE in the next couple years and end up competing against you? :)
    Hey dude...

    lol I did pretty badly actually, I have to repeat a bunch of subjects next year. The ol' maths got me again, and I think I tried to commit too heavily to FSAE, that's all changing next semester though! How are you?
    Hey, hows it going? Just calling in to ask how your uni results were (assuming you have gotten them back).
    Hey Mat,

    They usually take about a week to come out, it's blindingly fast. That website is my favourite online shop ever. If you've bought multiple books they ship them out separately as they process them; I made a big order once of six or seven books and was getting parcels in my mail every day for a week. It was like Christmas!
    Oh, saw your post in Random Thoughts mentioning the Book Depository. Thanks for reminding me, I just placed an order lol. How long does it usually take to ship to Aus?

    - Mat
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