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  • Zomg congrats on being a mommeh!!!!!!

    I didn't even know. I'm such a horrible person :(
    Probably, and I think I need to lay off the espresso.

    As soon as I see the last set of yellow lights my brain just goes OMGCLICK and I foul.

    Guess I won't be keeping that 'stang :(
    Seems like no matter what I foul on all my races in car town :lol:.

    Enjoy the free wins!
    Thought that raep rep was one of Karoug's for a sec. Gotta watch you Scandinavians! :p

    Again, hope you like the posters :)
    Hadn't been around in a while so I don't know how long it's been there but I :lmao: when I saw the new avatar. :thumbup:
    Sorry to hear about losing your job :comfort:

    Hope you get out of this rut soon! Maybe steal some stereos in revenge. :twisted:
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear Danish beauty!

    Now send over those muffins :D
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