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    [20x05] July 28th, 2013

    39:10 and 41:13 are The Bees remix of the One Self song "Bluebird", from The Bees Podcast 'REMIXES' 2003-2008
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    The F-type thread

    It even looks good with the top up.
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    The F-type thread

    a better quality pic
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    The McLaren F1 successor

    I love it. It has that extra bit of flair that is missing from the MP412C.
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    The F-type thread

    Leaked image ahead of Paris debut next week.
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    Jalopnik: Subaru's FT-86

    Another glowing review. I'm still not sold on the styling, but to be fair I haven't seen one yet in person. All the reviewers do seem to love this car.
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    Jalopnik: 2014 Corvette Revealed! :blink:
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    Preview: Bugatti Galibier (a whole new level of redonkulous)

    Well they are obviousely trying to work in some of the classic styling cues from the Atlantic, with the vestigial center spine, and lots of exhaust pipes. I would just like to see more curves, and a more exotic stance. Something more Fisker Karma, and less Porsche Panamera.
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    Preview: Bugatti Galibier (a whole new level of redonkulous)

    It sounds like the production car styling will change from this concept. Hoping it's a bit more extreme, this concept looks a little too conservative to me.
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    Jalopnik: The McLaren X-1 Concept Is Freaking Insane

    It's kind of ugly, at least in pics, maybe it will look better in person. Having said that, I'm always glad to see a one off special made for a real customer, not enough of these are being done anymore. This is exactly the kind of car that will be on display at Pebble Beach, or Villa d'Este 50...
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    Rumour Mill: BMW over - everyone go home.

    I know that, I just like the term rebadge better than platform sharing.
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    Box-Flared Wheelarches ;)

    914-6 GT
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    Rumour Mill: BMW over - everyone go home.

    Does an Audi A1 cannibalize sales from the VW Polo? I guess there are enough added sales, to justify the minimal cost of the rebadge. As long as they are selling cars, doesn't really matter to the company which badge it has on it. I'm sure there are enough people who would rather have a BMW than...
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    Rumour Mill: BMW over - everyone go home.

    I might be a bit biased, but I really don't see what the big deal is. The only rwd BMW that is going away in the 1-series hatch. The coupe and convertible 1-series continue on as 2-series. They are just building a BMW version of the Mini, to increase the volume and profits of the that platform...