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    This site is a decade old later this month

    Just saw the 10 year birthday thing via twitter. Well done guys a great effort and thank you for putting in the hard yards.
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    When will Season 19 start?

    Was just popping in to post the same. :)
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    2011 24 Heures du Mans - 79th Grand Prix d'Endurance, June 11-12 - Race Week Thread

    Another clip of the McNish crash. He's a lucky guy!
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    The F1 Technical Developments Thread

    More info here ->
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    McLaren to tackle Bathurst?

    Well, you can always go and see an F1 car drive around Bathurst another time, I guess. There'll be plenty of other opportunities. :P
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    Number of episodes in Season 16

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!
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    Number of episodes in Season 16

    Anyone know how many eps we can expect? The normal 6-7 or might we get a few extras because we were a bit short changed with S15?
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    Cars in series 16

    Thank you. I noticed it on the FG countdown via the homepage too.
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    Cars in series 16

    Here's a preview -> I'm looking forward to the 400hp Polestar Volvo C30! Any ideas on a definitive start date for 16x01 yet?
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    Why no SLS review?

    Well, apart from being told the SLS was going to be included in Series 14: Given the car is now on sale in Australia and Fifth Gear have already tested it, I'd say it's been available for testing for some months in Europe.
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    The boys are going on another caravanning holiday

    I doubt this will do anything to dispel the stereotypes of the guys, but it should still be a bit of fun.
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    The Stig: Another Stig sighting?

    I ain't afraid of no goats. lolz
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    Top Gear will be back in November

    That's a good spot, and ties in with my speculation too. :cool:
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    [13x07] August 2nd, 2009

    So when can we expect Season 14 to go to air? The usual November/December presumably?