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    Mercedes-Benz gains approval for Level 3 autonomous tech on German autobahns

    "limited to German autobahns"...."The system, called Drive Pilot, is capable of taking over driving at speeds of up to 37mph". I don't think you are allowed to drive that fast on the autobahns.
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    Porsche Mission R

    Rumour says too that this was a test bench for new electric Cayman/Boxster that will come 2024. Mid engine layout but it is not engine that sits behind you - its the battery.
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    iPhone / iOS Thread

    I feel I'm rarity here while I'm still on iPhone 6S as I have not found any reason to update yet.
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    Ownership Verified: 2021 Mustang Mach-E First Edition

    New plates? What is new in those compared to those on the previous page? I don't see any difference :unsure:
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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Kadett E with Rieger bodykit was my dreamcar "some" years ago ;)
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    [04x03] July 30th, 2021 - Lochdown

    Not one of their best ones, but watched anyway and don't feel beeing cheated. So solid OK for me. Russian cars? Only Lada out of those three was Russian.
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    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    Had to go closer to see the model. Toyota Crown:
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    Hyundai Ioniq 5 (2021)

    Looks like a modern Golf to me from the pictures. Is that really a SUV while it looks like a very big hatchback.
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    The "New Toys" Thread

    In my case all my appliances except fridge could be connected and the only one I've connected is coffee station. I just don't see the point.
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    What is your dream car!?

    Mine for quite some time now: 918 Spyder
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    News: Porsche Taycan (aka: former Mission E)

    Still too many doors and too fixed roof. 718 electric is promised to happen 2022. Let's wait for that
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    The Post Your Pets Thread

    Nero wont give a s*t
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    Audi e-tron GT - 2021

    My thoughts exactly. But still too many doors and too fixed roof to my taste:cool:
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    RENAULUTION Strategic Plan

    I read the powerpoint. Key message for me was Dacia = Renault, but with more rough lines from now on technically. Less bullshit makes it cheaper