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    VW Touareg tows a 747

    like clarkson would say... "if you want enough torque to move a 747, buy an aussie!" No pun intended... The VW looks like a chew toy infront that...
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    Ultimate Garage

    Wow.. Question.. does the Pod thingy circulate around? That would be sweet if it did :D
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    Test drove a Solstice.

    Sometimes the reviews that you guys type up are so many times better than what i read in the mags... way to go man... keep em coming
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    the only good viper is a

    My bad viper regarding my previous post, guess shits getting to me lately.
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    [Article] USA Ariel Atoms are made here in Oregon!

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    Ariel Atom V8

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    Lexus LFA is go!

    ^^Good point. As for the R8 I dont think it will be THAT slow. If it was to compete against the cayman or the Carrera then noone would buy it cause of that pricey tag. And honestly i dont find the R8 all that flashy or nice looking. Some lines on the R8 mess up the whole car but thats another...
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    the only good viper is a

    Bro... just cause some fags cant corner a car doesnt mean that the car itself isnt able to corner. Sure they might not handle like an elise or whatever but doesnt mean its completely useless. Viper, Corvette and the mustang are American Icons and theyre still selling. So i guess the only...
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    The ultimate speed deterrent

    Is this for real?
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    UCLA (university of california, los angeles) tazer incident

    WoW... i feel bad for the guy! I was recently doing a paper on American freedom. I find no sign of freedom here whatsoever. But thats not the topic. I dont think they should've allowed such actions. There are two cops (i think) and if anything there is always "back-up" if the situation gets out...
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    Brabus Rocket police car

    OHHH SHIT!!!! I think i'll be a cop just for that
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    Lexus LFA is go!

    ^^ LOL I Love this car... Looks extremely unique. Going to be one hell of a supercar. I'll take this over the newest NSX if i had the choice. Both are great/amazing cars nonetheless. But for some reason i like the lexus more.
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    the only good viper is a

    I dont know why poeple are hating on the vipers so much... Theyre GOOD CARS PERIOD! Just some people arent able to drive them properly. Just for you asphotos i'll start posting photos of wreck WRXs. But then that'll make me as low as you so i wont bother. LOSER! -Mojo-
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    Jokes for the BMW M3 like the Chuck Norris ones

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    Please Avatar makers (GIF requests)

    Fluke667 i just read all the posts in this thread. Dude you got talent amazing work