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    Reunion Races

    Possible signups: MorroW :cool:
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    Let's have a race! (This Sat, April 18th) Demo racers Join!

    Hei all :) If I'm home in weekend, I will be joining also. Hopefully I don't forget :P
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    Season 8 Schedule and Rules

    Hmm...I remembered that demo server capacity was raised...sry :D
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    Season 8 Schedule and Rules

    Maybe S2 drivers can join also to get more cars in grid? Only Demo racers will get points of course. I would be very intrested to get back behind wheel and race with you guys (and who can forgot mgkdk) for pure fun :)
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    What cameras are used to shoot "in-car" and "on-car" shots?

    Ha, nice stuff there :) Thanks dude :)
  6. MorroW Shirts, BATCH 2

    One L for sure.
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    What cameras are used to shoot "in-car" and "on-car" shots?

    Hei I'm interested what cameras are they using to record in-car and out-car (camera fixed in car body) shots? Anyone has that information? I'm looking ways how to record in-car video myself.:whistle:
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    Your best sim racing game?

    That was...astonishing fun a long long time ago :d Right now I play LFS and for what I can think is 1nsane <_<
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    Official LFS Video Thread

    Ha, anything with 4wd or with bus shape is fun :D It would be nice if few people are allowed to make new cars. Why only few? Because we don't want rFactor 2 :P
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    Hong Kong "planet"

    You are freak, you know that? :D Any change for 1600x1200 resolution wallpaper? :)
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    Massive Wallpaper Collection (56k, dont unless u r really really desperate)

    Hmm...have to say, it's quite hard do download all one by one. Any change for one huge rar? Please :)
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    1982 Jetta coupe (racecar project)

    How much thins things weights? And how many kw's this engine has? :) /me is jealous :mad:
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    Race to Dakar

    I watched it and loved :)
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    Dec 16 - Aston Club Reverse XRT/RB4/FXO [7:50]

    Maybe...just maybe I will be there.