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  • Oh no I'm not from the north - my Dad is. I was born in Bedford and raised in Kent :p

    Quick question - did you see a green 1999 Renault Kangoo driving round (possibly with L plates on) between Thursday and Sunday? If so, that was me :p:p
    Im doing fine.:D Rawmarsh for me I go to a school in wath called pope pius, I could imagine how you pefer the south I guess less chavs and maybe cleaner town centres, but its yorkshire born n bread for me:D+Do you still say eyup instead of hello and are the southeners freaked out when you say.
    How ya doin up int' north then? :p Yeah its OK. But I prefer it down in the south. :) Stuff is more expensive though :( But indeed, my grandparents have lived in the same house for 50 years and my dad grew up there (down in Brinsworth).
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