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    The End Of An Era:'s Main Site Retired, Forums Will Live On

    Thanks so much to the FinalGear team for the amazing effort. Hats off!
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    Big Test for Jaguar Land Rover Under Indian Owners

    I think the news of Tata's decline is vastly overstated. The Tata conglomerate consists of over 100 companies, hence the risk is well spread. If they were really in trouble they would be better off selling low-revenue high valuation businesses such as hotels etc. than sell off a high revenue...
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    Science people, ASSEMBLE!

    I'd recommend Mendeley It does everything I need... builds a library of your papers, organizes the PDFs into neat folders locally, lets you search inside the pdfs across your entire library (awesome feature!), it comes with a plug-in for MS Word and OpenOffice which...
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    Women given rights to vote in Saudi Arabia

    It was our (rest of the world's) fault really. We buy their oil at silly prices and make sure they stay rich and in power... They can very nicely get on without any real education, thank you very much..... while the rest of the world had to educate its masses and develop and invent "stuff" to...
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    Color pictures of WWII

    Wow! Brilliant stuff :D Anybody know why some of the pics are super clear while some others are grainy and seem not correctly focussed?
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    I think I'll stay and watch.. this thread has potential.:blink:
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    Sennheiser HD 202 II vs HD 428

    Same here, I bought a pair of 202s a year ago and they are awesome! The bass and treble are quite nicely balanced IMHO and audio quality is very good. The overall build quality is not bad either. Totally recommended for the kind of use you talk about. I have used a 201 before and I can assure...
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    Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport 'L'Or Blanc'

    No doubt this is nonsense.. but I'm curious about the use of porcelain. Does it not crack? What happens if there is a crash? Presumably you cant millions of porcelain shrapnel flying around..
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    New M5 park on the STREET in LA.

    aaah right, it's a body kit... from somewhere real cheap. phew! for a moment I thought BMW had lost it!
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    No 56k: "Are you insane?!" - 2011 Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix Photo Essay

    When I first read "200 pics" I really did think you were insane! But after browsing through the photos and your excellent commentary I must this is very impressive! I can imagine this being a picture-story in a car magazine...
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    Autoblog: Official: Jaguar teams up with Williams F1 to build the C-X75

    Apparently, Tata picked up a stake in Bladon earlier. This smoothen things out a little bit for Jaguar (perhaps also the reason why the CX-75 was given the go ahead)
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    News: The Chinese Automakers show their concepts at the Shanghai Automotive Showroom

    Hey thanks for this, always cheers me up! There IS hope for the west, woohoo :lol:
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    The return of De Tomaso!

    The new trick in the auto industry: buy an old brand with a bit of heritage.... build a an ugly pointless pile of crap... paint it with all the brand halo you can lay your hands on.. This is NOT the return of the De Tomaso!! This is plain generic crap