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    Game of Thrones

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    Euro Truck Simulator 2

    In the main menu, bottom right- company manager, then -Truck manager- then select a truck you want and near the top left is the "Drive it" option. If an AI is driving it you will swap vehicles so don't worry, if you've got no trucks spare then the AI will sit in your depot twiddling their thumbs...
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    Spoilers: Walking Dead on AMC

    well there should be a % of overweight zombies... but apparently there's not, so if they say all the skinny zombies eat the fat people then there's not a lot of zombies in the US
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    The Space Thread!

    Not Pluto but... not yet-
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    Endurance racing 2016

    I'll just put on my Not Surprised Face. Honestly the ACO should stop giving out easy access to Le Mans for Manufacturers that don't do the WEC & do the first two races. It's just too easy for them do say "oh we're not ready for silverstone/spa" and then just race Le Mans then quit out. Not...
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    The "Song Stuck In My Head" Thread
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    Last TV show you saw?

    Last episode of The Leftovers season 2.... Darn I want S3 now :cry:
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    The Positivity Thread aka "Today was a great day because....."

    Last day finished before a months' LSL... Fuk'yeah!!!!!!! :mrgreen: oh and i've been drinking since I finished the day :D
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    Australian V8 Supercars

    Gen2 Specs are up lots of butthurt people whinging (and lots of ignorance about australian motorsport and touring car history, you'd think there was nothing before v8 supercars :rolleyes: )
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    Awesome Thread

    Looks like something from the Thunderbirds. and that's not a bad thing :)
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    Bathurst 12Hr 2015

    Looking forward to it. Also looking forward to watching all of it on TV.... apart from barrets
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    I agree, and the shakey cam :sick:
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    Post your animated GIFs thread (56k takes a bus)

    my husky does that at the garage door when I'm taking him in the ute :wub:
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    Euro Truck Simulator 2

    liking the speedlimit on the dash, now I can re-getridof the gps... now just got to get good mods that have interior nav's for MB & renault... ^if that makes no sense... I've been drinking. whilst trucking too :):D
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    Renault Sport R.S. 01 (493bhp)

    looks nice, but why have it in it's own make series rather than putting it in Blancpain or even the French GT?