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    DMCA Notice

    you know, I think I might be done with top gear now, this is a really dumb decision on their part (the BBC that is) like some have said, the past few seasons have just felt way too overproduced for my tastes- I look forward to the new Smoking Tire podcasts than I do new top gear episodes, I...
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    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    Actually thats a 442 with two engines (though it was used to showcase the front chain-drive transaxle for the Toronado. "The result was a 2400-horsepower, four-wheel-drive exhibition drag racer which smoked its front and rear tires down the length of the race track with times in the...
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    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    Not to sound nitpicky, but that particular Spirit R is (according to the post anyway) the ONLY LHD model, so one could argue it actually IS the rarer of the two. Still both models are baddass.
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    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    I will never understand the appeal of Volvos or the people who go nuts over them- to me they're just boxes. We had a 740 Turbo years back and I don't know if it was just a lemon or what, but it was NOT a reliable car- and holy mother you talk about turbo lag.
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    Study shows almost half of yong adults would choose internet over a car

    Anyone who chooses internet over a car is a sad person indeed. I don't understand this at all, WTF
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    A "What car should I buy" Thread

    If you're not afraid of getting your hands dirty and doing some regular used car maintenance, my vote would be go older- my little '87 325i has (for the most part) been very reliable- was my only car for my last couple years of college. I have to believe 15k will get you the nicest (non M-car)...
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    You know you're a car nut when....

    In my business and professional speaking class (freshman year in college) we had to do a professional presentation on any subject we wanted- so I did mine on alternative power in cars...of the early 1900's, lol (steam, electric, etc.). Also, I HATE it when people say RPMs (especially in car...
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    The Diesel discussion thread

    the Ford: 800 lb/ft at 1600 rpm, lol- I will be interested to see in a year or so how their transmissions hold up to that. My truck is rated at 350/650 (hp/tq) and they are kinda known for blowing up transmissions (or head gaskets) if you mod it much over stock output. I can tell you though...
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    Idiots + Winter - The FAIL Collection Thread

    WOW! Haha, in Kentucky, my drivers test (for my actual license) was about 20 minutes and consisted of stopping the car, parallel parking and then just driving around the block. We had a drivers ed class in high school, but it was taught by a football coach (and football was EVERYTHING at our...
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    What age did you learn how to drive a stick?

    15 yrs old on a '93 F-150 that had a bad clutch (which my dad didn't feel like fixing)- he would make me start from a stop going up our driveway (uphill gravel)- once I mastered that I could drive any manual car. I still remember the first time I drove my moms car after all that ('02 TDi golf)...
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    Duke Nukem Forever...anyone still excited about this game?

    I LOVED Duke Nukem 3D back in the day (who can forget the shrink ray gun or being able to pay the strippers to remove their tops? lol)- I had long ago completely given up on DNF (is it coincidence that those letters also stand for did not finish? lol)- thats a game that had pretty much turned...
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    who here genuinely likes spirits ( as in alcohol)

    I like beer, but I honestly really like Rum- especially the Appleton Estate 12 year- thats a damn good one, so is the Cruzan single barrel. the Cap'n (morgan, duh) single barrel is a real good one, but its a little sweeter than the others. I usually just drink them with coke, but i'm a fan of...
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    UPS Recommendations

    We use Eaton Powerware 9120s at my work- we run our computers and the gas chromatograph off rig power (I work on natural gas drilling rigs) so we use that as a backup for when the rig power goes down (which it does from time to time)- so far we've never had one let us down.
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    Best Car Wallpapers Thread (WARNING: Big pictures... wallpaper size, even).

    Awesome thread idea and awesome pics Runs_And_Drives
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    Alternator problems...or not?

    ^ That seem a little high to anyone else? I think my cars typically run at around 14. I don't know if it's at all relevant, but in my old '83 VW rabbit diesel I used to have, I would have to periodically clean off the battery terminals as they would get coated in crud and it would have trouble...