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  • Life's ok I guess, going day by day. It's 3:14 now and I'm trying to finish my last physics lab report for this semester. I hate doing these...better get on cracking, not many hours left before I have to return this :p
    i just realized thats you in your signature. That was entertaining what you did with calling Jezza out. Lmao
    Yes well.....that wasn't always the case and is exactly why I think some of the "old guard" has gone MIA. This has been gone over so many times in the past, that I won't get into that any further. Like I said, I am still lurking every day for news and stuff, so it's not like I've vanished ;)
    Oh hai there stranger ! Yes, I still lurk around ever single day. Just haven't been posting all. I tend to have something to say if I type, other than "me likes" or "want !!!" :blink:

    But yes, find me a decent, intelligent'ish discussion and you will have me back :)
    I just now saw the +rep you gave for my baby picture! I still say I'm not poopin'!! :p
    Ooh. Well it's 2 PM here so unfort I can't watch it, but I'll see if it's comin up on BBC America. Thanks du!
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