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  • I've got a Scandinavian Flick tee too :jawdrop: We could be twins! Well, sort of :lol:
    Actually, I'm 93.75% English, 6.25% German :p


    BTW, I'll be sure to be in Dallas in October, especially if there's a pint in it for me :lol:
    Thanks for the +rep, man. What we need now, is a "Yes we can" thinking (as cheesy as it might sound right now).
    It's "crusade". I think "crusade TV" would actually be a good name for News Corp's offerings.
    Yes you did. Though as it was about ten hours after midday in Australia at the time, you're the April fool. :p
    Hi :) I've been a bit busy lately, so I sort of switched to lurker mode, log in now and then to keep up with everything but not being very active

    how's things?
    I wanted to rep you back for the fiat 500 thing, but I couldn't find a single good post of yours dating back to May 29th 2008. :hmm:
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