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  • Thanks for the kind words. It does give me a little boost at a time like this. To say it's been a bit weird is an understatement and I'm just about starting to get back to something resembling normal (whatever that is)!

    Anyway, it was appreciated :) I'll be about a bit more now, hopefully - and there's a new series of Top Gear imminent, so there should be plenty to talk about!

    Wy x
    I'm saving up for the entry to the second last corner - where most people come unstuck. Either that, or the scratch mark left behind when the tyre departed the car with Mr Ritchie in it. :grin: Thanks for the +rep.
    Okay, blast me for not replying to your wonderfully kind +rep comment sooner; but I was a smidge busy. So thank you! ^_^
    "I do feel, however, that if one has nothing nice to say about or to someone then it is better to say nothing at all, or at least to express that opinion privately."

    So why didn't you? Visitor messages are in no way private. On another, of course absolutely random note, it is most appreciated when reps (negative more than postive ones) contain a signature.

    Having that said, I'd like to express that my statement about the quality and furthermore the quantity of the threads you started within the 4-ish weeks of your membership was in no way a personal attack on you or your opinions, just a little hint (and not the only one in that particular thread) from a more senior-ish member to not get too obsessed with the "new thread"-button and for this reason with good intent, since I highly appreciated most of the other things you posted so far.

    I hope we can end this little banter with that and continue our lustrous and decadent anonymous existence in this very part of the internet in all it's joy and glory.

    Good bye and farewell from another happy (part-time) Ibiza-driver
    haha don't knock Iggy Pop, he'll bash your face in. :p And yeah, he is rather androgynous-looking on the cover of Raw Power there; then again, he hung out with David Bowie a lot so that's gotta explain it. :D
    In response to your message:

    I've been studying English since the age of 6, and maybe that's why I know it rather well.

    And about the Focus, it's my dad's car, but as soon as I get my license and earn enough money to maintain it myself, it's going to be mine.
    Nah, it wasn't a wrist slap or anything. You're rather new here and seem nice enough, so plenty of slack is given. ;)
    RE: Your message on my profile

    Not a problem, but there just isn't really any need to start a thread point out another thread. People will find the thread, don't worry. ;)

    Plus, people need to get in the habit of checking that section anyway. :)
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