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    Post a pic of yourself

    Goes with the job. Contracted hours are 9-5 but if we have an early funeral then we have to get in earlier.
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    Post a pic of yourself

    Many congrats to @Dr_Grip and @Jules on the nuptials. New job is quite tiring with some long days (yesterday 07.30-1700 plus around an hour each way commuting!) hence my relative absence from these boards of late. Grabbed some quality time with the cat a couple of weeks ago...
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    Post Your Watches

    Mum bought me this bad boy for my birthday
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    Random Thoughts... [Entertainment Edition]

    FFS. What next? Roseanne Barr as Moneypenny?
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    Post a pic of yourself

    We aren't allowed to giggle. It's in the contract. Not great for the back muscles but in this line of work one has to get used to feeling a little stiff. :drums:
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    Post a pic of yourself

    End of week one in the new job, hopefully new long term career. No, I'm not putting the band back together. Yes I ride around in cool black cars all day. No, I won't be getting supplied with a standard issue neuralyzer. And yes, I do see them. All the time.
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    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    Dude, where've you been? That was old even before the internet.
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    Gordon Murray Automotive T.50

    I have to confess now I know how much obsession to detail has gone into this car I can't wait to see the Top Gear film where Harris gives one a spanking round a circuit.
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    Is this a deleted scene from Terminator 2? The bit where Robert Patrick morphs into an SUV and tries to scare John Connor to death on the school run?
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    Ownership Verified: My Brooklands Green sports saloon...

    Does all this mean that this steaming pile of rusty BL poo is finally going to be turned into something approaching a safe, reliable and not rusty classic? Albeit one in one of my least favourite colours that was a shonky effort even when it left the factory?
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    The Aviation Thread [Contains Lots of Awesome Pictures]

    Who are you calling a window licker? :mad:
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    Gordon Murray Automotive T.50

    I must admit that having watched the videos in full I am a little more intrigued. I think I'd need to play with a configurator to find the right colour.
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    Gordon Murray Automotive T.50

    There is no doubt that it will be utterly brilliant, but its looks don't give me the fizz.