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  • LOL yeah, I wanted it to be similar. I got this one from watching erm... dbz... Don't tell anyone though! Shhh! :p
    Latrol Purker! Sorry for the delay, but I just saw that message you posted on my profile page!

    In a former IRC channel I was in (not FG) I'd often out of the sake of boredom either change my name to PL or PurkerLatrol.

    Edit: Also, it's your turn to make the next hangman!!! :D
    Thanks chica! Forget where that one's from; usually I make a note of the ep, but didn't for this one. Some eagle-eyed viewer will know, I hope!
    :lol: You're welcome. Hope you had a good birthday.

    Thank you for fixing the picture. I'd forgotten that it had LP on it!
    I was going to rep you for your *ahem* effort in the Halloween Hat thread, but apparently I must spread some around first.

    So why not have a message instead?
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