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  • Mmm ok. Still waiting to hear about my leave as to whether I can make it or not...
    I'm gonna ask for that week off so hopefully I should have an answer within the next couple of months! :p
    lol yeah I am just that crazy. Would dearly love to be asleep again by now, luckily I'm not working til 1 so I should still be able to grab a couple of hours of sleep when this bloody race finally finishes!
    Well we have a blank line roster system where all the RDOs are planned over 75 lines of two weeks and you just work through your line then drop down to the next line after two weeks. So you can use it to plan out when you're working months in advance. I'll have some leave by then so maybe I can ask for that week off. I assume crashing on your floor will be ok? :p
    Hrmm, 18th March could be a problem for me coz it looks like I'll be working that weekend, although I could be able to grab some leave.
    Oh right ok, yeah definitely take public transport, I never drove there when I was a student there. There's shitloads of trams up Swanston Street to Melbourne Uni. I never drive into the city if I can help it, parking is frigging expensive and hard to find.
    No worries :) I'm always happy to help out anyone starting out in FSAE, must be a huge task getting a team up and running!

    Right now I'm at RMIT, but I have attended Melbourne U in the past (started an Arts degree there back in '05). I've also studied at Monash (did a subject with them when in year 12), so I really get around :)
    Hehe yeah Ross Brawn you better watch out!

    Also my faculty advisor says that if needs be, he can put your friend in touch with one of the UTas FSAE team leaders from way back who he knows. I can PM you his email address if your friend so wishes it at any point.
    Hey there!

    I don't drive the cars, they don't need anyone that slow in the machine :) Very cool to hear that Tassie's getting in on it! Tell your friend to check out the FSAE forums at - there's heaps of good info there. Lately I've been getting more interested in a team management aspect of the project. There's a great thread written by my uni's faculty advisor called 'Reasoning your way through the design process' or something similar - it's pretty much compulsory reading for anyone starting in FSAE. Best of luck to them!
    Piquet is a total douche. Cant condone the actions of Briatore (still unsure how far he was implicated) or Symonds though. But what a stupid moron Piquet is for even considering it as a viable option. Hope he never finds work in F1 again.
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