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    2012 Formula 1 Qantas Australian Grand Prix

    Quali was great. You can see the cars sliding around a lot more, I was watching at Turn 8 (I think) and quite a few people had big moments on the exit towards the fast chicane. Red Bull's have definitely got some sort of off-throttle trickery happening still, they are the only cars (apart from...
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    2012 Formula 1 Qantas Australian Grand Prix

    Just got home from Lotus/Renault 2012 season launch. Kimi was hilariously nonchalant about the fact that he is an F1 driver again. "Everything is same, some people wear different colours but car is same, much better than a rally car" No-one seemed to be able to explain to me about how that team...
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    2012 Formula 1 Qantas Australian Grand Prix

    Me too, can't effing wait. Going to the Lotus Renault team launch tomorrow night as well so should get to meet Kimi and Bruno Senna. Woop! 'Tis going to be a good weekend. 1. Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso - not necessarily in that order. 2. Assuming we are talking about last year's midfield, I think...
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    Official WRC thread

    Agree with Hazardous. Ogier will make the rest of the SWRC drivers look extremely average. Well, if he doesn't I will be extraordinarily surprised. Frankly, I don't think it'll hurt him at all. He gets to do all the rallies with no pressure, will be testing like mad and have an absolute rocket...
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    2012 Formula 1 Season Thread

    So, 2012 rule fail. 1. The cars unlapping themselves under a safety car thing is rubbish. Was tried in 2010 and it didn't work then, so it won't work now. Between blue flags, DRS and KERS any backmarkers during restarts will be dispatched with quickly. 2. Four-hour limit on races no matter...
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    Random F1 videos

    I had never seen this video before. Holy Shit.
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    Official WRC thread

    Thankfully I didn't have to pay for any access as I was there as media, and thank god for that. Tickets were EXPENSIVE!! and access left a bit to be desired. I dunno, I just find the concept of paying to watch rallying a bit difficult to swallow!! It's an interesting situation for sure, and...
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    Official WRC thread

    I think the only difference it will make it that now on tarmac the fastest driver can choose to go first. You certainly don't want to be 10th on the road in Germany or Corsica when the roads start getting dirty or, even more so, if a sudden rain shower right about the time the 5th car starts...
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    2011 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix

    I must admit, I know I am a biased Australian, but Webber seems like the perfect fit for Ferrari. Gets along well with Ferds, is probably almost-but-not-quite as fast as him, in the twilight of his career so maybe a two-year contract, super dependable, can develop a car.
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    2011 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Never did much for the sport?? I'll give you a few examples: gorilla suit on a yacht, sunbaking in Monaco after retiring from the race, drunk in a strip club, entering a snowmobile race under the pseudonym James Hunt, pre-race interview on the grid Brazil 2006. Kimi gave F1 personality!! That's...
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    Official WRC thread

    Thanks to Zesty for reviving this thread. What did everyone think of WRC Australia? I was lucky enough to go and all I can say is thank god for SupeRally rules! Otherwise there would have been I think four, maybe five cars running after Day 1. Citroen's tactics stunk to high heaven and Ford's...
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    Um yeh probably! Long way away so no definite plans, but will no doubt be a few going

    Um yeh probably! Long way away so no definite plans, but will no doubt be a few going
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    The answer is yes. The answer is always yes!

    The answer is yes. The answer is always yes!
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    Yo mate, sure am. GP 2012 is a 100% cert

    Yo mate, sure am. GP 2012 is a 100% cert
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    Our "own" car reviews

    With car manufacturers, especially the Germans, madly identifying and then filling every niche they possibly can, we should be used to seeing familiar badges pop up on unfamiliar vehicles. After all, Porsche built an SUV, Audi a supercar and BMW built the 5 Series GT, whatever the hell that is...