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  • Bok

    samo da pitam na brzinu, koliko je tebe i Icea otprilike ko?tao ovaj put na Ring? (gorivo, cestarina, itd.)
    Spavali ste u autu?
    Htio bih i?i pa da znam otpilike koliko bi mi trebalo. :D

    Hvala unaprijed ;)
    Oh, great. What's the exact address i would have to send this to? I assume you are Jules.

    I will send the engine on monday then.
    Hi. Didn't get to speak to James as he was only here for minutes yesterday, but discovered today that they're doing him a box of toys. The engine would be ideal to put in there, so if you send it to Denbies for the attn of Jules Endersby, I'll ensure it gets in there and that he knows he can keep it. That do? It'll probably get it on tv too that way. :)
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