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    Who has been to the filming?

    kinda seems like a petty rule
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    Fifth Gear is rubbish...

    I am sad at how bad fifth gear has gotten, it used to be at like 80% of Top Gear, now in my eyes it ranks at around 45%
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    [10x08] November 13th, 2006

    sweet, exactly what I was going to ask
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    [10x08] November 13th, 2006

    I hope it's a good clip with Tiff, he needs more airtime:blowup:
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    [10x07] November 6th, 2006

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS!! same here, this will be a keeper!
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    Just met Vicki

    OMG, I'm jealous
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    No 56k: Post Your Desktop!

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    sweet, now you need a link at the top of the forum like the user cp and members list ones no trophy next to ouir name for a first place? or a trophy list when you click on our name?
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    Egyptians Back in the Slave Trade

    The title reads "Egyptians back in the slave trade" To me that sounds like you are generalizing all Egyptians, which would then in a sense be the country of Egypt, where Egytians are found. I can see where BlaRo would jump to that conclusion.
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    Which continent do you live on?

    NA ftw
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    Hey, Nick here 22 from Fargo ND, USA I love the site, without it I would have never known about Top Gear
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    Our New Default Theme [Give Feedback Here!]

    looks like the rep system is gone since yesterday?
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    Who is your current favorite presenter?

    Tiff FTW
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    "Beat the Person Above You" Game (NO 56k)

    Chuck Norris > Monkey (in human form)
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    Anyone got a proper pic of this?

    I dont but in incase someone does