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    "Cheap stunts": running jokes, stuntman, V8 gadgets, falling over - yes or no?

    I really dislike the 'stuntman' from TopGear. Like with the last episode, I liked the episode. But than they had the jump and it just seems.. eh. It is hard to believe that even with air time of a caravan crashing into other vehicles, I found it rather boring. I think they could have just shown...
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    Motorist blames fatal road crash which killed pensioner on Top Gear

    Sigh sigh sigh sigh.... They should have known that if you are going forward down a hill and it wobbles, you kick the hand break and drift both the vehicle and caravan till they are both facing backwards and you slowly tap the breaks. DUH!
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    May flirting

    I am pretty sure it was shown, I just cannot recall the actual episode.