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    Things Clarkson has taught you (that probably aren't true)

    astra max van astra max van the qiuckest car in the world is not a lotus elise but an astramax van drven by a 17 year old plumber:mrgreen:
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    Introducing the Fiesta 'Flat on Your Face'

    poetic justice for reality tv and karaoke competition winners:D:D:lol:
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    Billy Mays; Dead at 50

    there seems to be a pattern emerging oxicontin oxiclean ??????
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    HDTV Problem

    you have to configure your computer for using the hdmi i am not sure but you should check your computer setttings to see if you can change to hdmi
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    The Onion: Macbook Wheel

    that is some funny s@#t poking fun at clever marketing if you get sucked in you think that you will die if you don't have the latest piece of shiny white plastic (written n my macbook} ha;)
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    Need clarification... cocks only drive NEW Audi's right??

    do you have a big bluetooth headset on your ear? do you have designer shades? do you believe gold plating is still cool? maybe if yes you have knobitis :lol:
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    Bush approves $17.4B auto bail-out.

    its easy to be cynical} cynical me says} another quick fix to an auto industry that turned a blind eye to the east and it's reliable,efficient,advanced cars got caught with their pants down and instead of waking up, taking evasive action single handedly screwed up the american auto industry in...
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    Official WRC thread

    i love subaru but they havent been doing well lately this could be good because the format is changing soon anyway might as well cut loose from a doomed class now and concenrate on s 2000 and making a competitive platform for a good comeback
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    race of champions

    was anyone watching the race of champions was interesting there were a few suprises and a few bruised egos but overall very entertainig:cool:
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    How far will the stock market drop for the day?

    it will drop ................................meh
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    WRX vs STi

    the sti is the road going rally car it has better brakes it has driver controlled center differential it has a intercooler waterspray like a rally car i believe the engine is beefed up in the sti also the 6 speed gearbox in the sti is much stronger than the 5 speed wrx i would be careful...
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    German engineering

    the 80's the 80's i honestly think that the german cars of the 80's were far better than the cars that they are producing now they were simple and really did go forever but now with the global market and astronomical raw material prices the quality has suffered i have heard of new gen bmw's...
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    (US) Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich Arrested on Corruption Charges

    well it has been called a ''culture of corruption'' someone gets into power and uses this power to make money and gets carried away its a classic story, maybe they will make a film about him a la scarface with quotes such as ''this town just like a great big pussy waitin to get fu@#$d'' or...
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    News: Mercedes Benz to open 175 AMG "Performance Centers" Worldwide

    amg aig? amg aig? don't be fooled i have a theory amg is cleverly disguised as aig? thats what they spent the bailout money on:blink: ps i just saw a pig fly past my window .........................honest