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    jeremy's driving ban!

    How could having a slipped disc affect his ability to drive? Driving doesn't take much more action than sitting...
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    If I hear "On that bombshell!" one more time...

    Sounds like it's an inside joke between the guys at the studio... I don't think he'll say on that bombshell either, hell, we don't even know if TG will air this weekend.
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    New Site Uploaded!!!!

    The site works great and I thank you for all the work you've put into's so much sexier than the old site. ...Viper...will you marry me?
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    Other Song Requests

    Anyone know the name of the song in the new Sony PSP commercials? It goes "I want you to take me home"....I've tried googling and all that, but nothing close :( .
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    What do we enjoy about speed?

    There's that feeling when you're going fast around the corner knowing a little faster and you'll hit the rock in front of you. Having all your concentration on one thing and balancing out the squealing of the tires with the gas pedal is an amazing thing. I like top speed runs on the highway...
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    to speed or not to speed, that is the question

    I agree with your old statement, if we took away speed limits, people can assess their opportunity costs of speeding and make their own decisions. This doesn't give them the license to drive like assholes, just quickly. Things like changing lanes without signaling or tailgating would of course...
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    Iowa want's to ban spinners

    DEAR SWEET GOD! HIS WHEELS ARE STILL TURNING! ::slams on brake:: Now we're all gonne die!
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    Jeremy won't like this..

    I don't even mind the headlights, I think the Morgan Aero 8 is a very handsome car. It's unique and unlike buying a 911 or a Ferrari, this car won't make you look like a rich jackass, instead, you'd be a conniseur (yeah, I ripped that off from Gone in 60 seconds). The fact that there's so much...
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    I know who the STIG is

    I was about to ask for a DL, but then I thought... There ya goes.
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    I know who the STIG is

    Ehhh, what's Hot Metal?
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    Vicky vs. Sabine

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    Vicky vs. Sabine

    You knew this was a-coming! I vote for Sabine just because face-wise I think she's a bit better looking. She's a bit skinnier and her face gets really cute when she's concentrated on driving. :D
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    The 'Ring

    I wouldn't mind. :wink: She looks way cute when she's driving. When she gets angry at other drivers or when she's hot. Now imagine her wearing race leathers on a motorcycle, now imagine her wearing nothing....errmmm...I have to go.