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    [19x04] May 6th, 2011

    Hi, I just wanted to say that the countdown clock on the home page for this show seems to be wrong. As I write this I have just d/led this episode & am watching it right now but the countdown clock says it's still airing. Maybe it's a hour too slow? Just thought I'd let you know :)
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    [15x07] December 21st, 2010 [Special]

    Brilliant episode & lots of humour too. 10/10 from me :)
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    [03x01] October 19th, 2010

    Hi, I rated this ep as a 5. I thought the 'Special' showed the Aussie lads as being much funnier than in this one. I hope it gets better as I do like the two new presenters. :)
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    Hammond fully recovered, IMO

    Exactly. I think he did a fine job there, even if he was a little reluctant. You can bet the H&S people made sure that nothing bad could happen to him. I mean the Veyron is proven....the jet car he raced was really an unknown quantity. Thankfully it all worked out great in the end :mrgreen:
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    You know you watch too much Top Gear when...

    ...When I get in the van & think 'I am a driving God!'
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    Top Gear Wins National Television Awards

    Totally agree :)
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    Hammond fully recovered, IMO

    That's my point though. He was in a 'car' just going in a straight line & then he had to do a u-turn. That's not too scarey to be honest. I am so glad he is back though & wearing the 'Final Gear Helmet' too. Awesome :)
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    James May: New Oz and James's Big Wine Adventure Season starts October 16

    Hi, Look in the 'video offers' thread. You hopefully should find something there.
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    Hammond fully recovered, IMO

    Hi, I believe Hammond is back to whatever state he will be in from now on. Firstly his crash was dreadful & the fact he survived at all really was a miracle. Secondly he has a wife & a young family. He has had a life changing experience that most of us would never have....ever. I don't think...
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    Post all your uses for...

    OMG. What's the world coming to.... :)
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    [10x03] Ratings - Good News!!!

    Hi, ViperVX the whole thing about this ep I think is that there was a week off for snooker which made everyone, me included, wait for two weeks for Sundays ep. So the anticipation was there & when the show aired last night then we couldn't wait to see it. All in all though it was worth the...
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    Richard's Gunpowder plot - ITV4

    Hi, Yeah it would have worked in theory if it ever had happened. If you haven't seen this programme then I won't spoil it for you. If you can get the ep (it may be on 95s ftp) it's well worth a look. Hammond & the crew went to a lot of work for this & it was worth it! EDIT: Have a look in the...
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    [10x03] October 28th, 2007

    Hi guys, Yes I thought this ep was fab too! James in the Rolls, Jeremy in the Ferrari & Hammond in the Veyron with the RAF! What more could you want? Then we has Jeremy in the Peel 50....OMG how he even fitted into it was a minor miracle in itself :mrgreen: This episode was the best of this...
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    Another death in J Clarkson's family...

    Hey guys, All joking aside. Donkeys live a long time I guess as do dogs. When my brothers Great Dane of thirteen years (way longer than the average of six to seven years) died I was beside myself with grief. I had lost a friend that I had since the early nineties. It's a big deal for him I'm...
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    What Top Gear thinks the Porsche Panamera will look like

    I do kind of like the looks but I have concerns.... I'm sure some of us have seen the new Subaru Impreza & the way it looks. Subaru ruined it. There's no other word for it. They need their car to appeal to a wider audience than just the baseball cap wearing brigade. So here is Porsche with...