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    The End Of An Era:'s Main Site Retired, Forums Will Live On

    Thanks for all your hard work Alex, although I haven't posted on the forum much I religiously read the front page and eagerly looked at the tickers to see when the next episode was on.
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    [04x04] Unaired Epsiode

    Every time i've met him he seems like such a nice bloke. So it was the same as the eps that this forum has linked to.
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    [04x04] Unaired Epsiode

    I missed it too, wonder if anyone has a copy or of they will repeat it.
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    no upload of season 2 episode 8 yet?

    I hope so, hanging out for some quality Top Gear.
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    [03x03] November 2nd, 2010

    I really want for it to continue, any of my comments I hope are seen as constructive criticism. Obviously nine has been going down hill since Eddy hit our screens. .
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    [03x03] November 2nd, 2010

    That's a very optimistic view and I wish you were correct. It's not an easy thing to do, Fifth gear have tried for years and made many mistake (who can remember Tim "Poochy" Loveboy). The TGUK presenters are celebs because they're car enthusiasts, TGAU has this around the wrong way. Shane...
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    [03x03] November 2nd, 2010

    The problem I have with the aussie challenges is that the producer/editor is obviously not a UK top gear fan, there is no big reveal where each drives up in the car they proudly purchased, it seems too staged and boring, no real passion for the cars they have. The caravans were trashed before...
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    Stig moves to a life of crime

    Obviously the book deal isn't going well; the stig has resorted to attaching himself to the front of ugly blokes and is using mind control to force them to commit crimes. :lol...
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    The Panorama Thread [56k = no, expect widescreen stuff]

    Here's an old one of mine ..
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    Targa South West - Western Australia

    Last day of the competition, huge thank you to anyone here that's voted, lets hope the other photo doesn't jump by 10 votes or so again. :( If you haven't voted for my photos this is the one of mine that's currently winning, (I think) ...
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    Photos from the Vader Project Gallery

    Very cool :mrgreen: So when are we doing a finalgear "paint a stig helmet"?
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    Targa South West - Western Australia

    Only 3 points behind the leader! Thank you to those who voted.
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    Targa South West - Western Australia

    Thanks to those who have voted! 8 points behind.
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    Targa South West - Western Australia

    I usually put all my photos up at, there are more there if you're interested. This is the first time i've entered my photos in a competition, so if you want to help me try and win a laptop please vote for the photos by "Pixel Culture" located here...